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Bard Party:

A Fantasy Card Game

Pre-Order Available Now! (Ships Late December)

Bard Party is the outrageous card game about being flirting with elves, seducing wizards, dressing to impress and kicking your opponent when they are down.

What is a Bard?

Quite simply they are storytellers, poets, musicians and artists often in a fantasy setting. They also happen to be very… passionate. They enjoy the intimate company of others and often find themselves chatting up the most attractive and popular patrons of the local tavern.

Now, put a whole group of them in a room and things get competitive. In Bard Party you play as the charming entertainers trying to seduce your way into bed with anyone in the room. Use your tricks of the trade card to strengthen your chances of a good time, and curtailing your fellow Bards to insure your place as the top Bard.